BBM for Android

After a bit a delay, BlackBerry's BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) messaging app has launched on Android and iPhone. Here's how to download and start using BBM on your Android smartphone.

Note that BBM supports only smartphones running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later that have a screen size of 7in or less. We used a Nexus 5 for this guide. See also: How to get BBM on iPhone and iPad.

How to get BBM on Android

Step 1: Download the app from Google Play Store.

Open the Play Store on your device or in a web browser and search for “BBM”. The official BlackBerry BBM app is likely to be the top hit. Hit the 'Install' button followed by 'Accept' to download and install BBM.

Alternatively you can go to from your built-in browser.

Install BBM on Android

Step 2: Open the app.

Once BBM is installed, open it by tapping the icon on your homescreen or app menu. If you're still in the Play Store, just click 'Open'.

Step 3: Log in to BBM.

If you already have a BlackBerry ID then you can sign straight in with it. If not, then you can create a new one. Either way, once you're logged in, you can start messaging all your friends and family who are on BBM.

You can add BBM users with their BBM PIN or share yours with others.

BBM for Android log in