Copy and pasting text on an Android smartphone or tablet is a little more difficult than right clicking a mouse and clicking either copy or paste…but not by much. See all Android smartphone reviews.

It just takes a little bit of pressing and holding (and fiddling) instead. Don’t worry, once you’ve read this you’ll be a pro at it. Here’s where we show you how to copy and paste on an Android device. See also Group test: what's the best Android phone?

How to copy and paste on an Android

Step one

Make sure that the text that you want to copy is on the screen. You don’t need any fancy app to perform this task, so if it’s text from a website you need to have the web page open on your Android device.

Step two

Press and hold your finger over the word where you want to start copying text from.

how to copy and paste Android

Step three

There will be a highlighted area display exactly what is set to but copied, you can drag either end of this to either lengthen or shorten it.

Step four

Once you have the correct area, simply press and hold the screen over the highlighted text and a new box that give you the option to Copy will appear. When you see this box press it and your text will be copied to the clipboard.

Step four

Now that the text is copied to the clipboard you can exit the app you are in and open the app that you want to paste the text into. From here simply press and hold in any valid text box and a new Paste option will appear.

Step six

Hit paste. That’s it you’re done.