Adobe Flash support was cut in Android Jelly Bean, but even years later it's not completely dead. If you need to run Flash on Android, here's how.

Install the Puffin Web Browser

Many Android users will never use any browser other than Google Chrome, since that's what is preinstalled on the mobile operating system. But there are alternatives and, depending on your needs, they may even be better.

The free Puffin Web Browser is one such alternative, and one that still includes Adobe Flash support with the developer promising the latest version is running over its cloud servers. Do note that these servers are in the US, so if you're trying to access geo-restricted content you may run into problems.

Click here to download the Puffin Web Browser.

That said, it is a mobile browser, and by default will open web pages optimised for mobile. That can often mean no Flash. To switch to desktop mode just click the menu icon at the top right and slide on the toggle for 'Request desktop site'.

This change can be made permanent in Puffin's settings - tap the menu icon, tap the Settings cog, then under Website preference choose 'Request desktop site'.

Photon Flash Player & Browser is an alternative to Puffin for viewing Flash video and websites on Android.

Add Flash to older versions of Android

For the rapidly decreasing number of users still running these older operating systems it is still possible to download old Adobe Flash installer files for Android 4.0 and earlier. You'll find archived versions of Flash Player over on Adobe's site, but will need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources in your security settings before you can install them. You may also need to install a browser such as Dolphin that is able to access Flash.

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