HTC One M8 High Performance Mode

It has emerged that the HTC One M8 has a high performance mode which users can access via a hidden menu of developer options. So we've written this guide on how to enable both the developer options and high performance mode.

Whether or not you care about the high performance mode boosting benchmark results, HTC has made it available to users. However, it's not obvious how to access this feature at all. Luckily, we know so here's how to do it.

The high performance mode, among others, is found in the developer options section of the settings menu but you'll have to enable this first. The high performance mode maximises CPU performance and will, in turn, affect battery so only use it when you really need to or if you're just experimenting.

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How to enable HTC One M8 developer options and High Performance Mode

Step One

Open the settings menu of the HTC One M8 (easily opened via the drop down notification bar) and click on 'About' at the very bottom.

HTC One M8 settings menu

Step Two

Within the About menu, click 'Software information'.

HTC One M8 about

Step Three

Now hit 'More' where it says 'Baseband, Kernel version, etc.'

HTC One M8 software information

Step Four

Tap the 'Build number' section six times in a row. You should get a message which says 'You are now a developer!'

HTC One M8 more software information

HTC One M8 You ar a developer

Step Five

Head back to the settings menu and you'll see a new section above 'About' called 'Developer Options'. Open this settings menu.

HTC One M8 developer options

Step Six

Inside the Developer Options menu, you'll see the High Performance Mode so tick the box to switch it on. This is also where you can switch USB debugging on and more.

HTC One M8 developer options menu

HTC One M8 High Performance Mode