Whether it's someone you want to avoid or a persistent cold caller, not every phone call you receive is one you want to answer. If those calls are getting annoying, it's fairly simple to block them - especially if you're using an Android phone.

UK users can take advantage of the Telephone Preference Service, which allows the registering of mobile numbers and does its best to block nuisance calls, but it can't block text messages. There's also a much easier way to block a phone number on Android - three, in fact, as we outline below.

Block a number that has just called you

Block a number that has just called you  

Whether you answered the call or ignored it, all calls are registered in the Recent tab of Android's Phone app. Launch the app and find the unwanted number. 

Tap and hold the phone number to bring up a pop-up menu.

Choose Block/report spam.

Android will check you really want to do that, so if you're sure tap Block. You'll notice that by default the option to 'Report call as spam' is checked, but if it's just someone who is annoying you (like a persistent ex) it's probably best not to report them as spam.

Once you have blocked a number it will appear in your blocked numbers list, accessible by tapping the three dots at the top right of the Phone screen and choosing Settings > Blocked numbers.

Block a number that has not recently called you

Block number that has not called you

You can block a phone number in Android at any time, you needn't wait for it to call you.

Launch the Phone app and tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.

Choose Settings, then on the next screen tap Blocked numbers.

You'll be offered a link to 'Add a number' so tap this, then in the pop-up enter the phone number and choose Block.

Use a third-party app to block phone numbers

If you're running a custom version of Android that does not feature the same call-blocking options, you can use an app such as TrueCaller to block unwanted calls. Not only does it filter out unwanted calls and texts, allowing you to block a number by name and series, but can identify whoever is calling you (even unknown numbers) and allow you to record the call. The free version of the app contains ads.

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