Unfortunately there isn't a Sky Go app available for Android at the minute. However, Sky have said that they are "currently working to develop a version of the Sky Go application for Android devices and hope to have it available later this year."

Sky started developing the Android Sky Go app around the same time that they started developing the iPhone app, but because of the uniformed iOS that runs across iPhones, iPads and iPod's, developing the app for Apple devices was quicker and easier to complete. Sky have said that the "Android platform is more fragmented with a wide range of different devices that have differing hardware and different versions of the Android OS so it takes longer for us to build and test for this."

However if you cannot wait any longer for Sky to release an Android app, then there are other steps you can take to get your Sky channels streaming on your Android device.

How to get Sky on your Android device.

If you're desperate to watch Sky on your Android device, then you can either wait until sometime in winter when Sky think the app will be ready, or you can buy a product called Slingbox and stream all of your home's television channels over your broadband connection.

Slingbox is a set top box that transmits your home TV channels over the internet, to allow you to access your media anywhere in the world on your laptop or mobile device. The only drawback with this, is that the initial setup costs are not cheap.

The initial box costs £129 for the Solo box or £219 for the PRO-HD box, the Android App itself costs a further $29.99. See our Slingbox review for more information.