The modern PC is a fantastic tool, you can get all your work done with the help of a word processor and spreadsheet, organise all your photos into albums so they are easy to print and share and use your computer to listen to all your music and watch the latest movies. But really what PCs are best at is helping you enjoy your downtime, and for many people that means playing games.

There are hundreds of thousands of games available for Windows 8 PCs and laptops. One of our favourites this month is a truly simple and addictive little game called Doodle Army. Though this tiny game may lack the 3D graphics and interactivity of some modern PC titles it more than makes up for this with fun gameplay that’s easy to immerse yourself in.

In Doodle Army you shoot your way through a variety of simple, though very tricky, levels called battle zones. The graphics are, as the name suggests, based on doodles and in that sense are extremely basic, however, don’t let that fool you as this game is incredibly addictive. You start off with a drill sergeant guiding you though the basics of boot camp and how to play the game. Once you mastered the controls you’ll be blasting your way though the various zones in no time. The game costs just £1.39 from the Windows App Store and features 7 zones and 13 levels. You can chose from a range of 40 different weapons and within the game there are mini games and boss levels you can unlock as you move through Doodle Army.

Doodle Army is one of those simple and yet madly playable little games that you can use to fill the time when you’re not slogging your guts out over Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

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