The Game Awards 2018 is fast approaching, with the event set to take place later this week. The hugely popular event celebrates the achievements of developers in the past 12 months, but there are usually new game trailers and reveals sprinkled in for the thousands of fans that tune in from home.

So, when will the Game Awards take place this year, and how can you watch? We answer those questions, along with what to expect from the show this year, below.

When will the Game Awards 2018 begin?

The Game Awards usually take place in December, and this year’s looks to be no different. As confirmed by the event organisers, the Game Awards 2018 will take place on 6 December at 17:30 for those in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, that translates to a fairly late start in the UK, with The Game Awards 2018 due to begin at 1:30am GMT in the early hours of 7 December 2018. It should be worth it though, with a slew of game announcements taking place during the event. More on that below.

How can I watch the Game Awards 2018?

The good news is, like previous years, you’ll be able to tune in to the Game Awards 2018 live via not only YouTube, but Twitch, Facebook and a range of other platforms. It’s even being streamed in 4K on YouTube for those with a 4K TV or high-end PC monitor. What’s next? VR support? (all jokes aside, that’d be pretty amazing).

In a bid to save you some time and effort, we’ve embedded the Game Awards 2018 live stream at the top of this page, so head back later this week to catch all the latest news in the world of games.

What to expect from the Game Awards 2018

The Game Awards’ Producer, Geoff Keighley, has confirmed that this year’s show will have more new reveals than any before it, and has since confirmed that there will be more than 10 new games revealed at the event.

That’s not counting updates and trailers from a range of already-announced upcoming games like Death Stranding or The Last of Us Part 2, so it really is set to be a busy show. Here’s what we think will be showcased on the night.

Death Stranding

While there has been no confirmation from either the Game Awards or Hideo Kojima himself, we’re pretty confident that the upcoming title Death Stranding will appear in some form. Last year, Kojima and Norman Reedus, who stars in the game, took to the stage to present one of the weirdest game trailers we’ve ever seen – even by Death Stranding’s standards.

We haven’t heard much about Death Stranding since the reveal of a gameplay trailer at E3 2018 in June, so we’d expect Kojima Productions to use the opportunity to update fans on how it’s progressing – or just to show another trailer that makes zero sense. Either way, we’re here for it.


While there is no solid confirmation about Death Stranding, the same can’t be said for EA’s upcoming online RPG, Anthem. Why? The official Game Awards Twitter account has confirmed that new Anthem content will be showcased during the event, and attached a small teaser to the tweet. This can be seen below.

Alien: Blackout

Technically, Alien: Blackout isn’t a new announcement as the existence of the game was confirmed way back in January 2018, but the details are scarce. It’s being developed by Cold Iron Studios following an acquisition by a subsidiary of Fox, with studio head Craig Zinkievich talking about how excited the team is “to be working on such a storied franchise”.  

Not much has been said about the game since January, and it may not be revealed during the event later this week, but we can’t ignore the similarities in typography between the Game Awards cover photo on Twitter and the typography of the Weyland-Yutani corporation in the Alien series.

New Obsidian-developed RPG

Like Anthem, Obsidian’s upcoming RPG will definitely make an appearance at the Game Awards. Why? There has been a countdown clock counting down to the Game Awards on the Obsidian website, along with a bunch of retro-futuristic teaser images that don’t reveal much about the yet-unrevealed game.

The Avengers Project

Despite being announced back in January 2017, we know very little about the Avengers Project, but that could all change at The Game Awards 2018. The Russo Brothers, directors of the Avengers movies, are set to make an appearance at the event later this week.

With only one Avengers-themed game in the works (as far as we know), we imagine that we’ll get our first proper look – and maybe even an official title – for The Avengers Project during the event.