With the first Xbox One X reviews going live and the launch day creeping up, Microsoft has announced a range of livestreams that'll take place around the world on the lead up to the midnight launch on 7 November 2017. The livestreams will feature celebrations from across the world, and will showcase some of the Xbox team's favourite Xbox games to date.

Here, we explain the livestream schedule and how you can watch the Xbox One X launch livestream from the comfort of your own home. 

How to watch the Xbox One X launch livestream

First things first, how do fans around the world tune in to the Xbox One X launch livestream? First up, there will be multiple streams at different times, all to coincide with the midnight launch in your country.

For example, the US-focused live stream is set to begin at 11pm ET on 6 November 2017, while the UK-focused live stream is already live today, Monday 6 November 2017, ahead of the midnight launch. 

Those that want to tune into the UK Xbox One X launch livestream can do so via the official Xbox UK Mixer site, along with the likes of YouTube and Facebook. To make things easier, we've embedded the official Xbox UK Mixer player on this page. 

What will Microsoft showcase during the livestream?

So, now you know when the event is taking place and how to watch it from the comfort of your own home, the next big question is “What will Microsoft feature during the livestream?”.

While the content somewhat depends on the country you're watching from, Microsoft is set to showcase gameplay, interviews and other Xbox-themed celebrations all the way until the midnight launch. Microsoft teased a few details about the upcoming stream in a new blog post, including a look at some of the company's favourite games in the run up to the midnight launch.

The US-focused livestream is said to take place from Microsoft's New York Mixer Studio, and will give viewers a glimpse at "launch activities happening around the globe" - although what exactly that entails is anybody's guess.