PS4 release date and specs

Sony is staging a huge event this week, an event it is calling its 'PlayStation Meeting 2013'. Here's how you can watch and follow the PlayStation launch live. First up, you can watch the event live here: PS4 launch: live. The PlayStation Meeting will be held on Wednesday at 11pm UK time. It's being held in New York, and is likely to herald the launch of the fourth generation PlayStation: the PS4. For more details of what we expect check out our story: PS4 release date, specs and rumours. Excitement has been building as Sony prepares to launch its first full-blown PlayStation since 2006's PlayStation 3. Information continues to creep out, and this week the Sony PS4's touch-enabled controller was revealed. Keep checking GamePro UK for the latest. UPDATE: see our story - PS4 launching Holidays 2013 full details.

Sony will be live streaming the PlayStation Meeting, and you should be able to catch it on the official UK PlayStation site.

We'd expect the PlayStation Meeting to be streamed live on the Sony PlayStation YouTube page, too, if you don't want to watch it live here: PS4 launch: live.

To be sure of not missing a thing you can keep checking PC Advisor, but also sign up for updates from Sony on the PlayStation site.

Sony has suggested a hashtag of #playstation2013 for those picking up information on the PS4 via Twitter, and is hosting an event on Facebook.

According to the IBTimes, the new PlayStation will come with a whopping AMDx64 CPU and an AMD Southern Island GPU. What IBTimes says this means is, the PS4 will be capable of playing games with an 4096x2160 image; 3D games can be played in 1080p - the PS3 can only play 3D games at a resolution of 720p. When tech giants release new games consoles, the fashion of late has been to make them backwards compatible. Well, sorry folks, every rumour we've seen so far seems to suggest the opposite is true for the PS4. Sony are going to go in all guns blazing for its next generation games console.

Tech website T3 says it is expecting "Microsoft Kinect styled movement-based gaming" to come as standard on the PS4. Oddly the popular tech website only briefly elaborates on the rumour stating that manufacturers Peagtron Technology and Foxcomm will both make the movement based gaming consoles.