In an unexpected turn of events, GPU manufacturer Nvidia is set to host its own event at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne. While the company will provide game hands-ons for those at the show, it’ll also host a live ‘stage show’ throughout the day for those at home. What will it feature? How can we watch it from home?

Here, we explain how you can watch the Nvidia Gamescom show live, and speculate about what the company might announce.

Update: Nvidia has confirmed to us that there was never any plan to livestream today's event, so disregard the below. 

How can I watch Nvidia’s Gamescom livestream?

Those interested in checking out Nvidia’s Gamescom 2017 event from home can do so, but it’s a rather early start.

Compared to other companies like Microsoft that host their events in the evening, Nvidia’s event starts on Monday 21 August 2017 at 10am BST, or 11am local time for those at the event in Germany.

While Nvidia has confirmed the stage show for those at home, it’s yet to announce where we’ll be able to watch it. We expect, like many other Gamescom announcements, that it’ll be livestreamed to the likes of YouTube and Twitch.

We’ll add livestream details (and maybe even the livestream itself!) as soon as Nvidia announces them, so make sure you check back soon for more Nvidia livestream details.  

What to expect from Nvidia’s Gamescom presentation

Nvidia has confirmed that the company will be showcasing exclusive game hands-on opportunities for members of the press that attend in Germany, but what about those watching from home? Nvidia say it’ll host a ‘stage show’ throughout the event, although what exactly will be featured is anyone’s guess.

We speculate that the show feature the announcement of the UK/European release of Nvidia’s cloud-streaming service, GeForce NOW. Much like the service available on Nvidia’s Shield TV, GeForce NOW lets you play a range of games via the internet, meaning there’s no large downloads or waiting around.

It’s available in the US in beta form, with the rest of the world patiently waiting for the global rollout.

Beyond that, we imagine it’ll showcase exclusive gameplay footage from highly anticipated games like Destiny 2. The firm recently published an exclusive 4K, 60FPS Destiny 2 beta gameplay video, leading us to believe there will be other content exclusives from Nvidia in the near future.