EA Play is Electronic Arts’ major annual press conference. The company, behind titles such as the Battlefield, Star Wars and FIFA video games, will once again be holding their flagship briefing over the weekend before E3, which takes place from June 11-13. EA are typically one of the first major companies to make new announcements in Los Angeles, but they have been beaten to the punch this year by Google, whose Stadia conference takes place today, June 6.

When does the EA Play live stream begin?

The stream begins at 5.15pm UK time (9.15am PST) on Saturday, June 8. The game announcements will be as follows:

5.30pm (9.30am PST): Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
6.00pm (10am PST): Apex Legends
6.30pm (10.30am PST): Battlefield V
7pm (11am PST): FIFA 20
7.30pm (11.30am PST): Madden NFL 20
8pm (12pm PST): The Sims 4

EA have timed their presentation to maximise international audiences. Viewers in the UK will comfortably be able to watch the full conference without compromising their sleep schedule, something unavoidable during many of the main E3 conferences.

How to watch EA Play live

As with the vast majority of events during E3, the event will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch channels. The stream on EA's YouTube channel is embedded below, so check back on Saturday evening to tune in to the event:

What will EA announce during EA Play?

Having already announced such a detailed schedule, there are unlikely to be many surprises in EA’s announcements. Despite being a two-day event, Sunday is typically left to other developers such as Microsoft and Bethesda to show off their new releases.

EA have decided to focus explicitly on six games which form their key lineup for 2019. This means that BioWare, the developers behind February’s Anthem, will probably not be giving any updates on their game during the event.

Devoting half an hour to each game suggests EA will go into depth, something rare among typical E3 press conferences. It is thought that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will showcase gameplay, while a Season 2 Battle Pass will likely be announced for Apex Legends. Many other details remain a mystery, including what will be revealed about EA’s sports titles FIFA and Madden.