Xbox One record gameplay footage

If you're the proud owner of a new Xbox One console, you might want to share your pro skills with everyone on the internet. Here's how to record Xbox One gameplay footage.

Next-generation consoles have arrived and you're eager to capture you're mad gaming skills and get them onto the net for all to see. Whether it's that perfectly timed headshot, peachy goal or impossible lap you want to share, here's our guide to recording, editing and sharing gameplay footage on the Xbox One.

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How to record, edit and share Xbox One gameplay footage


You'll be pleased to head that the Xbox One needs no extra equipment to record your gameplay – thanks Microsoft!

All you need to do is say "Xbox, record that" and the console will grab the last 30 seconds of action and store it for editing later using the Game DVR function. A notification will pop up telling you that it's been successful.

Although the Xbox One will only grab the last 30 seconds by default, the console actually always records the previous five minutes. Using the Game DVR feature you can select 30 seconds, 45 seconds, one minute, three minutes, or five minutes.

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Download the free Upload Studio apps (1GB) and here you can edit your video. You can trim it, add picture-in-picture footage from the Kinect, add Kinect videos before or after your clips or crate a video consisting of up to five clips.

Xbox One Upload Studio


As you might expect, the Upload Studio allows you to, well, upload your nicely edited clip for others to see. You can pop it onto Xbox Live for your friends and followers to watch or alternatively send it to your SkyDrive. From here you can upload it to wherever you like – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Limitations and alternatives

There are limitations to using the Xbox One itself to record, edit and share your gameplay footage. The main two are the video length maximum and the fact it's compressed so doesn't look all that great. You also need an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

If you're in need of more freedom then you'll have to splash out on some dedicated recording hardware such as the Elgato Game Capture HD or Roxio Game Capture HD Pro.

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