EA Play is set to begin this weekend, between 9-11 June in Los Angeles. Starting days before E3 2018, EA Play gives fans the opportunity to be among the first in the world to play upcoming games like Battlefield V and Anthem. And, in true gamer fashion, the publisher is set to host a livestream on the first day of the event to showcase more details about upcoming games.

Here, we explain how to watch the EA Play 2018 livestream, and what to expect from the publisher this year.

When does the EA Play 2018 livestream begin?

Unlike other publishers that host relatively short presentations just before E3 2018 begins, EA Play is a two-day event that takes place between 9-11 June. It’s a way for EA fans to play the latest unreleased EA titles like Anthem and Battlefield 5, but in true E3-esque fashion, there will also be a press conference on the first day of EA Play.

The conference is due to take place on 9 June 2018 at 11am PT, or 7pm BST for those of us in the UK. Thankfully, for those that can’t attend, there’s an easy way to find out all the latest EA Play news from the comfort of your own home.

How can I watch the EA Play 2018 livestream?

The good news is that EA is set to livestream the entire EA Play 2018 press conference, and on an impressive number of platforms too. While you can tune in to the EA Play 2018 livestream via the EA website, you can also watch it via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and, impressively, even Instagram.

We’ve will also embedded the livestream at the top of this article for your convenience. So, just head back here on Saturday 9 June 2018 to find out what EA has been working on for the past year!

What should I expect from EA Play 2018?

The EA Play 2018 livestream will give us a glimpse at what EA has been working on, and at the top of many gamers lists will be the recently-announced Battlefield V. The WW2 shooter is due out later this year, and we expect to see the first gameplay trailer showcased during the stream ahead of it being available for gamers to play during the weekend-long event. We’ll also likely get more information on the various online modes, and what to expect from the anthology-esque single-player campaign too.

Another game on EA’s roster is Anthem. Though recently delayed until 2019, EA will likely showcase new gameplay from the mysterious shared-world shooter ahead of EA Play 2018 availability. Much of the game is still a mystery despite a gameplay trailer showcased by Microsoft at E3 2017, so we hope that EA will give us more insight into what to expect.

Following a May 2018 reveal of The Sims 4 Seasons for PC, we also expect to see gameplay demos during the EA Play 2018 stream. During the initial reveal, EA claimed that the seasons would have an effect on the world you’ve created – it’d be good to see exactly how, ahead of a July 2018 release.

It’s likely that we’ll also get updates and possibly even release dates for EA’s upcoming sports games; FIFA 19 and Madden 2019.