In a move that started in 2016, EA has once again hosted its own event alongside the hugely popular E3, dubbed EA Play, which it used to announce upcoming EA games including Star Wars Battlefront 2, Anthem, and FIFA 18.

EA Play 2017 took place on Sunday, 10 June 2017, where it showcased a flurry of new games and trailers. Here's how to re-watch the whole event, or just find out what happened.

Interested in the main E3 conference instead? Here’s the latest E3 2017 news.

Can I re-watch the EA Play 2017 announcement?

We’ve embedded the YouTube stream for the main EA Play event at the top of this article so you can re-watch it all - though you'll want to skip ahead to around 2 hours and 45 minutes for the show's kick-off.

Alongside the big EA Play announcement on Sunday evening, EA is hosting number of game-related live streams throughout the week not only on the EA Play website, but YouTube and Twitch too.

What were the big announcements?

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was arguably the headline game of EA Play 2017. While gamers were impressed with the quality of gameplay from the first Battlefront game, the omission of a single player campaign disappointed many – and it’s something EA is looking to fix in the second game, complete with an original storyline and huge multiplayer battles.

The new gameplay trailer goes a long way to showing off what they have planned, highlighting the inclusion of all three Star Wars movie eras, the huge scale ground and space battles, and showing off a little of the singleplayer too.

A Way Out

Here was a welcome surprise: a game that came as a total surprise. A Way Out is an upcoming co-op prison break game that sees you and a friend work together to bust your characters out of the clink and reunite with their families. Word of warning though: it's strictly co-op only, so you'd better have at least one friend.


Destiny and The Division have been big hits for Activision and Ubisoft respectively, so it was only a matter of time before EA got in on the action. They've recruited RPG studio BioWare for their effort, Anthem, which sees players piloting customisable exosuits as they venture into a sci-fi wilderness.

Need for Speed: Payback

The latest in the Need for Speed series was announced just ahead of E3 this year, which gave EA the chance to show off a bit more of the gameplay during the press conference. The game, titled Payback, will see the return of the hugely popular police chases in the huge open world of Fortune Valley, and is due for release in November.


It wouldn't be an EA E3 without the latest FIFA title, and this year did not disappoint. FIFA 18 is notable not only for the return of FIFA 17's popular singleplayer mode The Journey, but also because it will include a (mostly) fully featured Switch port - though The Journey won't be included on that.

Madden 18

Not to be outdone by FIFA, Madden is back this year too, to make sure America's beefier, burlier take on football gets represented too.

NBA Live 18

And here's another sports one. Boy, EA sure do make a lot of annual sports games, don't they? This one probably has the highest definition baskets yet, or something like that.