Draw Something, reviewed, is the most popular mobile game of the moment and is available on the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It isn't on Windows Phone 7 yet, but we hope that will change soon.

The problem for most people is that they're pretty useless at drawing. That can result in some hilarious pictures, but also some incomprehensible ones. With our tips, your creations will be the envy of your friends. Plus, we'll show you some tricks to save precious coins.

1. Use a stylus

Drawing with your stubby fingers is an activity that should really be reserved for childhood (as should brightly coloured poster paints). Attempting to draw anything remotely intricate on a 3.5in iPhone screen when your finger is covering up a good proportion of the canvas isn't the best route to masterpiece.

What you really need is a stylus. Not the pointy plastic variety you used to use on your Palm PDA, but the new style with a soft rubber end. There are lots available, and we've rounded up and reviewed a selection here. If those prices seem to expensive, or you can't wait a second longer, then why not make your own using household items and our step-by-step guide.

 Make a stylus

2. Use a bigger screen

Those detailed pictures your friends have been drawing - the ones that take foot-tapping minutes to appear on your screen - are almost certainly done on a tablet screen. If you can, swap your piddly smartphone for a tablet and you'll instantly have a larger canvas. The extra room makes is far easier to draw pictures that your friends will be able to guess.

Draw Something on iPad  

3. Buy extra colours

Trees are green and their trunks brown. You can't expect friends to realise you've drawn a tree if you stick to the basic palette of black, blue, yellow and red. It's an especially cunning ploy on the part of the developer to get you to spend money on more colours. However, if you play for a couple of days, you should have earned enough coins to buy a colour pack.

 Extra colours

4. Use the tools in your box

As well as drawing objects in using the correct colours, take advantage of different line thicknesses. Not all objects can be drawn by sticking with one thickness. Making use of different line widths usually helps to get your point across, and using the thinnest 'brush' allows you to put more detail into your picture. The default brush isn't the smallest.

5. Outline objects in black

Solid colours can take you only so far. To help your friends see edges and perspective more clearly, finish off your drawing by using the thinnest line width and giving objects a clear outline.

Black outlines

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