Sony’s PlayStation 4 is arguably the most popular console available at the moment, selling over 82 million units since its launch back in 2013 alongside the PS4 Pro. While many of the games available for the platform are single-player, those that want to play with friends online require a PlayStation Network login.

But what happens when you want to change the email or password associated with your PlayStation Network login? Or if you want to change your Online ID? While the former is easy to do on your PS4, you may have a little difficulty when it comes to changing your Online ID. Don’t worry though: we explain all below.

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How to change your PSN email address

It’s recommended that you always associate an up-to-date email address with your PlayStation Network login as it’s where you’ll receive emails about new games, PlayStation Store receipts and the like.

So, what do you do when you’ve changed your email? Do you need to create a new PlayStation Network login? Thankfully not.

In fact, it’s a breeze to change the email associated with your PSN login on your PS4:

  1. Turn on your PS4 and select the user account associated with your PSN.
  2. Head to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Sign-in ID and enter your PSN password to verify that the account isn’t being accessed maliciously.
  3. Enter your new Sign-in ID (aka your new email address) and select ‘Confirm’.
  4. You should receive a verification email via the new email address you entered – click the included link to verify the change.
  5. You should now be able to sign in to your account using your new email address.

It’s worth noting that if you’re changing a sub-account sign-in then the master account will need to authorise the change by entering their password.  

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How to change your PSN password

It’s a similar process to change your PlayStation Network login password on your PS4, although it’ll only work if you already know your existing password.

  1. Turn on your PS4 and select the user account associated with your PSN.
  2. Head to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Security (at which point you'll be prompted to log in to verify that it’s you accessing the account) and select Password.
  3. Enter your new password and make a note of it somewhere secure.
  4. Click ‘Continue’ to save the new password.
  5. You should now be able to sign-in using your new PSN password.

But what if you can’t remember your original password to access your account details on your PS4? If you’ve forgotten your PSN password, you can change it on a PC, Mac or mobile by heading to the Forgot Password section of Sony’s website and following the on-screen instructions.

How to change your PSN Online ID

The biggest question that PS4 gamers have is ‘Can I change my PSN Online ID?’ as, ourselves included, usernames chosen when we were younger aren’t always suitable. Besides, Microsoft allows Xbox gamers to change their gamertags whenever they like so it should be the same for PlayStation gamers, right?

Wrong. Due to the way that PSN Online IDs are created, they cannot be changed without essentially breaking the PS4 ecosystem.

Sony claims that if you were able to change your Online ID, your friends list and trophies list would be lost, and if that wasn’t enough the company also claims that the new ID may not be recognised by some game servers, meaning you may lose access to some games.

The ability to change your PSN Online ID is coming in the upcoming PS4 6.10 update, but the above issues are still prevalent. In fact, Sony claims that if you run into issues accessing games and content post-name change, reverting back to the original won't fix issues. It sounds much riskier than changing your ID on the Xbox One, but for those with truly ridiculous PSN names, it may be worth the risk.

Sony is beta testing the software at the moment, and should roll out to more users in the coming months. If you're a PS4 beta tester, check your email for an invite to test the software. 

So, what are those of us with Online IDs like xXCo0lK1dXx supposed to do in the meantime?

Sony says that you should create a new account and Online ID to combat the issue. The company claims that you can share downloaded content across both accounts, meaning you shouldn’t lose access to your purchased content, but you’ll still lose both your Friends List and Trophies.

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