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  • How to Increase FPS in Games

    increase fps pc games

    Make your favourite games run faster and smoother without spending a penny

    25 Jun 2019

  • How to use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

    how to use obs broadcaster 2

    Here's everything you need to know about OBS, from connecting to your streaming platform to adding a webcam feed to your streams.

    25 Jun 2019

  • How to get Spell Energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    wizards unite spell energy

    Run out of the blue lightning bolts you need to cast spells in Wizards Unite? Don’t panic! Here’s how to get more

    24 Jun 2019

  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips and tricks

    harry potter wizards unite tips tricks

    The ultimate list of tips, tricks and helpful hints to get the most out of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    21 Jun 2019

  • How to lower your ping

    how to lower ping

    Expert tips to reduce your ping and improve your online gaming experience

    21 Jun 2019

  • How to stream on Twitch

    twitch logo

    Want to find out how to stream on Twitch using free streaming software? We've got you covered

    20 Jun 2019

  • How to play PS2 & PS3 games on PS4

    how to play ps2 and ps3 games on ps4

    We investigate the backwards compatibility of the PS4 and explain how to play your favourite PS2 and PS3 games

    19 Jun 2019

  • How to watch Bethesda E3 2019 live stream

    bethesda e3 2018

    Here's all you need to know about Bethesda's E3 2019 press conference, including livestream details and announcement predictions

    09 Jun 2019

  • How to watch Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 live stream

    microsoft xbox e3 2019

    With first-party games and new hardware on the cards, Microsoft's E3 2019 showcase is one not to be missed

    09 Jun 2019

  • How to watch Nintendo E3 2019 live stream


    Here's how to stay up to date with everything Nintendo announces at E3 2019

    07 Jun 2019

  • How to watch EA Play 2019 livestream

    ea play

    EA are likely to provide an in-depth look at six of their most significant games

    06 Jun 2019

  • How to watch Google Stadia Connect live stream

    google stadia connect live stream

    Pricing, release date and game availability are set to be revealed today during Google Stadia Connect

    06 Jun 2019

  • How to share games on Steam

    how to share games on steam

    Beat the system and share your Steam game library with your friends and family

    31 May 2019

  • How to allocate more RAM in Minecraft

    allocate ram minecraft

    Here’s how to allocate more RAM in Minecraft on PC and for those running Minecraft on a server

    31 May 2019

  • How to install Kodi on Xbox One

    videos menu

    It's easier than you might think to install Kodi on your Xbox One - here's how to do it.

    24 Apr 2019

  • How to add a graphics card to your laptop

    razer blade1

    We answer this commonly asked question about laptop graphics

    18 Apr 2019

  • How to change PlayStation Network login

    ps4 pro and vr review09

    Changing your PlayStation Network login details on a PS4 is pretty easy - here's how to do it.

    12 Apr 2019

  • How to host on Twitch

    host on twitch

    Here's how you can Host on Twitch not only on desktop, but mobile too

    04 Apr 2019

  • How to get a refund on PS4 games

    ps4 pro and vr review01

    Here's all you need to know about applying for a refund on content purchased on Sony's PlayStation Store

    03 Apr 2019

  • How to watch Google GDC 2019 livestream

    how to watch google gdc 2019 livestream

    Here's how you can watch Google's GDC 2019 keynote live from the comfort of your own home

    19 Mar 2019

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