Is 2016 going to be a big year for Panasonic? Whatever happens, it’s sure to launch a range of new 4K TVs, some new cameras and maybe some smart home products. Here’s how to watch the live video stream from CES in Las Vegas. Find out what to expect from CES 2016.

When is the Panasonic press conference?

It will start at 6pm UK time on Tuesday, 5 January. That’s 10am local time. You can watch Cnet's live coverage of the conference in the video above.

What to expect from Panasonic at CES 2016

You can expect to see new 4K TVs, in addition to other tech and gadgets including smart home technology, audio devices, cameras and more.

More specifically, the Japanese company is expected to focus on Ultra HD 4K TVs, which are set to be huge this year. Panasonic has already launched an OLED 4K set, which is crazy expensive, but it could be that prices will drop and new models launch in 2016. In addition we expect products that'll help capture 4K video including digital cameras and camcorders, with its Lumix camera line. See also: 5 cheapest 4K TVs

Stay tuned to PC Advisor this week for all of the latest news, photos and hands-on reviews of the newly unveiled tech from CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

You can also watch Sony's CES 2016 keynote live here.