VTech’s InnoTab tablet for children is one of this year’s top Christmas gifts. It saves parents’ iPads getting bashed and will keep the kids quiet for a few hours when you need it most.

Best of all it’s not just for games, it’s a great educational tool, too – with plenty of reading, maths, geography and logic apps available to download or buy on cartridge.

VTech InnoTab children's tablet review

Best Christmas tech gifts for kids

But what if you want to pass the tablet on after Christmas? Maybe your child got more than one (lucky thing!) or actually prefers the Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer tablet or (gasp) the Apple iPad.

How can you reset the InnoTab to its factory settings so you can give it to someone else or sell it on eBay?

It’s isn’t immediately obvious how to change the name on the VTech InnoTab’s opening screen. See also - Group test: Best tablets for children

But it’s actually very easy.

Simply fire up the tablet, and press the cog wheel next to the name you want to change. Up pops a virtual keyboard that lets you change the name. If selling the InnoTab change it to “Your Name” (not actually your name, of course, just the words Your Name) so that there next owner can simply change that to his or her own.

And remember it’s worth keeping all the packaging when your child first open the gift, so that if she or he doesn’t get on with it (unlikely in the case of the InnoTab or LeapPad) you can sell it as “Good as New”.

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