White Christmas is one of the all-time classic Christmas musicals, and a pretty big part of the reason we're all obsessed with getting some snow on Christmas Day. And sure, for those of us in the UK getting a white Christmas is looking as unlikely as ever this year, but at least it's not so difficult to get your hands on White Christmas. There are plenty of ways to watch White Christmas online this year, so here's where to find the film.

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Buy White Christmas on DVD or Blu-ray

The cheapest way to buy a copy of White Christmas is on DVD. It’s available from Amazon for £5, while the Blu-ray is a little more at £8.99 if you want to get it in the best possible quality.

Rent White Christmas on DVD or Blu-ray for free

White Christmas is also available from rental subscription service Cinema Paradiso - sign up for a free trial here.

Buy White Christmas in digital format

If you’d like a digital copy of White Christmas you can watch again and again, you've got a few options.

If you’re an Android user, White Christmas is available to buy from Google Play Movies & TV for just £4.99 in HD (cheaper than the Blu-ray), and it can be viewed on your phone, tablet, laptop, PC or smart TV. iOS users have a similar option via iTunes, also at £4.99.

Amazon offers the cheapest option - while the HD version is in line with Google at £4.99, the standard version is just £4.49.

Rent White Christmas in digital format

Renting is a cheaper way to watch White Christmas if you think you're only likely to want to watch it the once, and you can still get a copy in HD across just about any device. 

Amazon and Google offer the film to rent at identical prices right now: £2.49 for standard, and £3.49 for HD, and they're the cheapest we've found so far this year.

Stream White Christmas for free?

Neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime currently offer White Christmas, and it isn't available yet on NowTV. A free trial for each is available, but that's not a great deal of use if you specifically want White Christmas.

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