Anyone who's seen it can happily confirm that The Room is one of the absolute worst films ever made. It's a succession of fascinating failures, a disaster from start to finish, and in the process becomes unbelievably entertaining to watch. Unfortunately, watching it legally has been a bit tricky to pull off. 

The Room isn't available on iTunes, or any streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, and even the DVD can be difficult to get hold of outside of the US. That meant that for a long time there were basically only two ways to see the film for most people: go along to a repertory cinema screening, or illegally stream/download a copy online.

That's especially frustrating now that James Franco's brilliant biopic The Disaster Artist has drawn a whole new crowd to The Room. Luckily, things have changed, and it's now dead easy to watch The Room online without tearing apart copyright law.

Watch The Room on YouTube

After years of it being difficult to watch The Room online, director/writer/producer/star Tommy Wiseau suddenly made it very easy by uploading the full film to his YouTube account.

It's no doubt in part to promote his new movie Best F(r)iends (which also stars The Room's Greg Sestero), but either way we're not complaining.