We totally feel Arnie's pain: your kid wants that one present more than anything in the world and it's sold out everywhere. Jingle All The Way sees Arnold Schwarzenegger and a rival dad played by Sinbad desperate to get their hands on a Turbo-Man action figure in time for Christmas, and hilarity ensues. Here's how to watch Jingle All The Way online or on any mobile device.

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Buy Jingle All The Way on DVD

1996 film Jingle All The Way is still available to buy on DVD. We found it at Amazon for £6.95 (£8.99 on Blu-ray). If you're an Amazon Prime customer you can get it tomorrow!

Rent Jingle All The Way on DVD

Jingle All The Way is also available via DVD rental subscription service Cinema Paradiso - sign up for a free trial here.

Buy a digital copy of Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way is currently on offer at Google Play Movies & TV for £7.99 and YouTube from £3.99, while over at iTunes it will cost you £3.99.

You can also buy it from Amazon Prime Video at £3.99.

Rent a digital copy of Jingle All The Way

You can rent a digital copy of Jingle All The Way for just £3.49 from Google Play Movies & TV or YouTube, while Amazon Prime Video lists it for £3.49.