Based on the short story The Greatest Gift, It's A Wonderful Life was produced and directed by Frank Capra in 1946 and was nominated for five Academy Awards.

It's one of the better-known Christmas films, focusing on a frustrated businessman (James Stewart) who is contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve when he is intercepted by his guardian angel (Henry Travers) who shows him what life would be like without him in it. Here's how to watch It's A Wonderful Life online or on any mobile device.

Stream It's A Wonderful Life online for free

In the UK, It's A Wonderful Life can be streamed for free if you subscribe to the NowTV Cinema pass. This costs £11.99 per month, but a free trial is available - sign up to NowTV here.

Although Amazon Prime Video also has the film, it is not available as part of your monthly subscription.

Buy it on DVD or Blu-ray

A remastered version of It's A Wonderful Life is available on Amazon with delivery in time for Christmas for £4.90 on DVD or £11.70 on Blu-ray.

Rent it on DVD or Blu-ray

It's A Wonderful Life is also available in the UK via DVD rental subscription service Cinema Paradiso - sign up here for a free trial.

Rent a digital version

You can rent a digital copy of It's A Wonderful Life for playback on your phone, tablet, PC, laptop or smart TV from just £2.49 in the UK. The standard-definition movie is available from YouTube or Google Play Movies & TV for £2.49, while you can additionally get the HD version for £3.49 from Amazon Prime.

Buy a digital copy

Buying a digital copy can offer better value if you intend to watch the film more than once, especially when It's A Wonderful Life is available to buy from just £4.99 - about the same as the DVD.

We found It's A Wonderful Life at Amazon, Google Play Movies & TVYouTube and iTunes.