Wait, Gremlins is a Christmas movie? Hell yeah Gremlins is a Christmas movie. In fact, like Die Hard, Gremlins is the epitome of a great movie that is set at Christmas. It can be watched at any time, but the season of goodwill to all men is the best time to bathe in the malevolent humour and horror of this 1984 Hollywood classics. (See also 'How to watch every Christmas movie online'.)

For the uninitiated Gremlins is the tale of a small town teen who gets the gift of a cute pet, which comes with three golden rules of ownership. Naturally, he quickly breaks those rules, unleashing a horrifying creature invasion on his home town. Chaos, humour and horror ensues.

Gremlins is a classic because it blends horror with humour. It’s aged better than many of its contemporaries, too. So if you are in the mood for some Christmas-themed fun this festive season, you are going to want to watch Gremlins. Here we explain how to watch Gremlins online, on TV or on any mobile device.

Buy Gremlins on DVD or Blu-ray

Gremlins is available at Amazon for just £4.86 on DVD and £7 on Blu-ray.

Rent Gremlins on DVD or Blu-ray for free

Gremlins is also available by rental subscription service Cinema Paradiso - sign up for a free trial here.

Buy a digital copy of Gremlins

The cheapest you'll find a digital copy of Gremlins you can keep forever and watch as many times as you like is from either Google Play or YouTube, where the SD version costs £4.99. YouTube also lists HD for £5.99, which matches Amazon's price of £5.99 for either SD or HD. iTunes is a little costlier at £7.99, though that's also for the HD version.

Rent a digital copy of Gremlins

It costs from £2.49 to rent a copy of Gremlins, available from Amazon Prime, YouTube and Google Play Movies & TV.

Stream Gremlins online for free

If you are an Amazon Prime Video customer then you can stream Gremlins online for free as many times as you like. Sign up for your free month trial here.