The 2003 Christmas movie Elf starring Will Ferrell is a great choice for getting into that festive spirit. Raised as an elf but actually human, Buddy leaves the North Pole to go to the US in search of his true identity. There are several ways you can watch Elf today, and on any mobile device.

Buy Elf on DVD

You can buy Elf on DVD from Amazon UK for £5.02, or on Blu-ray for £6.96. That's not much help, though, if you want to watch it today - read on for your instant digital options.

Rent Elf on DVD

Elf is also available on DVD rental subscription service Cinema Paradiso - sign up here for a free trial.

Rent Elf on Google Play

There are cheaper options if you want to watch the film online now and don't feel the need to own it. You can rent Elf on Google Play for £2.49.

Alternatively, you can buy it from Google Play or YouTube for £9.99 to watch it instantly.

Watch Elf with Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime lists Elf, but at additional cost to your monthly subscription. Elf is not available on NowTV or Netflix.

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