CBS All Access is the American media giant’s over-the-top streaming service. Designed to rival the likes of HBO and Hulu, it aims to provide a mix of original shows and third-party content in a similar way to current streaming king Netflix.

Most importantly, in the US it's the home of Star Trek: Discovery and Picard, making it a one-stop shop for the latest and greatest in modern Star Trek series.

What's more, CBS is merging with Viacom, which means there'll be a whole host of shows and movies coming to the platform over the next few months. The service will also be getting a re-brand and a global expansion - though details are still pending at the moment. 

In the meantime - here's how you can watch the service from outside of the US.

How to sign up to CBS All Access

Viewers in the US can choose between two tiers of subscription, both of which offer up to two simultaneous streams. Paying $5.99 a month gets you access to its full library with occasional adverts, while the full $9.99 package provides an ad-free experience with support for offline downloads.

It is also available as an add-on for Amazon Prime subscribers. The e-commerce giant offers a number of Amazon Channels, add-on subscriptions meaning you can access other networks via your Prime membership.

Both these options feature one-week free trials, but are exclusive to customers across the pond. Unless you have a payment method registered in the US, you will be unable to complete the sign-up process.

The only real option for watching CBS All Access in the UK is through the loophole of gift cards. These are available in $25, $50 and $100 variants, and can be accessed through the likes of eBay and PayPal.

To redeem, you just need to enter a PIN on the CBS website, meaning you can avoid the pitfalls of having to directly input your payment details.

How to watch CBS All Access with a VPN

If you have got around the obstacle of signing up to the service, the issue of watching content from the UK (or any other country outside the US) remains. The easiest way to overcome this is through the use of a virtual private network (VPN).

This allows you to use the internet anonymously by changing your IP address, meaning you appear in a different location and your activity cannot be tracked in the same way. 

Many paid services, such as Nord VPN, allow you to appear in almost any country around the world, whichever is most beneficial to you at that moment. On Nord (any many similar services) it is as simple as signing in and waiting for it to connect to the location of your choosing

Some VPNs are even free these days, but we’d recommend checking out our list before you commit to one of the services.

As always when using a VPN to access content abroad, be aware that you'll be in violation of CBS All Access’ terms of use, so the company could theoretically cancel your account if it realises you're using a VPN. Proceed at your own risk.

Is CBS All Access worth it in the UK?

Prior to the merger with Viacom, subscribing to CBS All Access for UK viewers wasn't as attractive as it seems. Star Trek fans should be aware that the Discovery series is also available on Netflix, while the Picard TV show is on Amazon Prime.

However, since the announcement there's more tempting things on offer. Already the service has over 100 new films from Paramount, including the Star Trek films and The Godfather. Over the coming months, more shows and films from the likes of Nickelodeon, MTV and other properties will be expanding the library. 

Of course, if you're after the flagship original series such as The Good Fight and The Twilight Zone then this is the only place to watch them at the moment. 

International viewers should also be aware that a UK standalone service will eventually be available. Bob Bakish confirmed that the paid streaming platform would come to "multiple markets" within a year, and that CBS All Access would get a complete re-brand. 

We now have confirmation that the service name will be changed to Paramount+, (or Paramount Plus - whatever you prefer) via Den of Geek. The announcement also revealed more shows that will be coming to the platform: 

  • The Offer - Ten episode scripted series focusing on Al Ruddy, and his experience of producing and making The Godfather. It will also be written and executive produced by Michael Tolkin, Leslie Greif and Al Ruddy
  • Lioness - Spy drama based on a real life CIA program, in which a young marine has to befriend a daughter of a terrorist to take down an entire organisation. The series is created and executively produced by Taylor Sheridan. 
  • Behind the Music – The Top 40 - This series will look at MTV's biggest 40 artists of all time, examining their music and achievements. 
  • The Real Criminal Minds - True-crime docuseries based on the drama series Criminal Minds on CBS