For UK TV, awards don’t come any bigger than the BAFTA TV Awards, the de facto gold standard for British television. We’re all used to spending the next morning arguing about who should have won what, but the really committed will watch the show live - though if you want to watch the BAFTAs from the US, you might need to book an afternoon off work.

Sadly, it'll be a while until we see the awards, as they have now been postponed due to Coronavirus, but you can still tune into the BAFTA Games Awards which are being livestreamed.

When are the 2020 BAFTA TV Awards?

The 2020 BAFTA TV Awards were originally going to take place on the evening of 17 May 2020, with the nominees being announced on 26 April 2020. 

Now with the new government advice in place due to the pandemic, the show (and nominations) have all been postponed to an unspecified date later on this year. This is the first major public-facing live awards show to make this decision, following a string of movie delays and TV production cancellations. 

Which channel are the TV BAFTAs on?

If you're in the UK, the easiest way to watch the BAFTAs when it airs is simply on BBC One, which will be televising coverage of the ceremony on the night.

The BBC coverage usually lasts for two hours, and will focus on the awards ceremony itself - though you should also be able to watch red carpet arrivals on the BAFTA website and on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (search 'BAFTA') and YouTube channels.

Sadly it doesn't look like an US channel will be airing the awards, but read on to find out how to watch the ceremony online in the US.

How to watch the BAFTAs online

If you're in the UK and pay the licence fee, the easiest way to watch the BAFTAs online will be through BBC iPlayer, which you can use to watch BBC One live.

This will also be the best (and potentially only) way to watch the awards live if you're outside the US. You'll want to use a VPN like NordVPN, currently our recommended VPN for iPlayer, which will let you browse as if you're based in the UK, and access iPlayer as normal. 

As always, bear in mind that this is breaking the BBC's terms of service, so proceed at your own risk. You'll also need to set up a free iPlayer account, which requires a valid UK post code.

Who is hosting the 2020 TV BAFTAs?

Graham Norton was announced to be returning to host the show, after successful runs last year and back in 2005. We imagine he'll be back once a new date is announced, but obviously this is schedules permitting. 

Who was nominated for the BAFTA TV Awards?

The nominations for the BAFTA TV Awards haven't yet been announced - and they most probably won't be for a while. We'll update this article as and when we know more.