The Apprentice is back, with Lord Alan Sugar ready to hire and fire all over again with a brand-new group of wannabe entrepreneurs ready to prove that they have what it takes and earn a £250,000 investment.

Here's everything you need to know about series 14 of The Apprentice. 

When is The Apprentice on?

The Apprentice airs every week on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

Comedian Rhod Gilbert has also returned to host The Apprentice: You’re Fired, an aftershow airing at 10pm on BBC Two; there will also be two special episodes titled The Final Five and Why I Fired Them.

Who are the judges?

As always, Lord Sugar is the show's host, and he'll be joined once again by Karren Brady and Claude Littner as they keep an eye on the new host of hopefuls.

Who are the contestants?

There are 16 contestants for the show this year, and you can meet them all in the BBC's introductory video. Here's what you need to know about them:

  • Alex Finn: 21-year-old IT analyst. "I know everything. Call me 'Google', it's my middle name."
  • Sarah Ann Magson: 37-year-old solicitor. "I am used to laying down the law in the courtroom, but now I’m going to lay down the law in the boardroom"
  • Sabrina Stocker: 22-year-old owner of a tennis events company. "I am a mix of Willy Wonka drinking an espresso martini… classy and sophisticated on the outside; inside, a little bit crazy and wacky but full of brilliant ideas.”
  • David Alden: 32-year-old tax advisor. "My friends and family call me the Duracell bunny as I take on so much and never stop. I just keep going."
  • Kayode Damali: 26-year-old professional speaker. "I’m not here to razzle dazzle and hit you with buzzwords…anyone can say those things and I’m not anyone, I’m Kayode Damali. If you’re not your own biggest fan, who do you expect to be it for you?"
  • Sian Gabbidon: 25-year-old swimwear company owner. "I bring both the passion and the fire - in the boardroom, I will be merciless."
  • Tom Bunday: 28-year-old tree surgery firm owner. “There are very few people that can genuinely say they’re going to make it - but I know that I’m going to.”
  • Khadija Kalifa: 28-year-old eco cleaning company owner. "I’m a serious Mumpreneur who doesn’t have time for time-wasters and idiocy."
  • Daniel Elahi: 28-year-old lifestyle brand owner. Says he's like Jordan Belfort from 'Wolf Of Wall Street' because of his "entrepreneurial skills" and "lavish, party lifestyle"
  • Jackie Fast: 34-year-old sponsorship consultant. "I'm a trailblazer... I'm not intimidated by anyone or anything."
  • Kurran Pooni: 22-year-old law graduate. "I don’t eat, sleep, breathe business but I do eat, sleep and breathe success."
  • Camilla Ainsworth: 22-year-old nut milk brand owner. "I ain’t no Vanilla Camilla."
  • Rick Monk: 33-year-old quality controller. "I won't pussyfoot and waste time. People will have to like it or lump it."
  • Sarah Byrne: 29-year-old children's acting academy owner. "I am me, I don’t have a posh accent or pretend to be anyone else. My personality sells me, my passion to succeed and work ethic."
  • Frank Brooks: 27-year-old senior marketing manager. “There's no need to watch your back when I'm already two steps in front.”
  • Jasmine Kundra: 34-year-old learning and development manager. "All is fair in love and war…and business is war."

Watch the trailer

Ahead of the debut of the 2018 series of the show, the BBC unveiled this slightly odd trailer, which shows Alan Sugar revealing what he thinks of the show's new merch:

How to watch The Apprentice online

If you're in the UK, the easiest way to watch The Apprentice online is on BBC iPlayer, where the BBC will keep episodes after they've aired.

That's trickier if you're going on holiday and watch to keep up with the show while you're abroad, but you can use a VPN to trick iPlayer into thinking you're still in the UK. Our recommendation is to use NordVPN, but we've picked out a few other good options in our guide to the best VPNs for BBC iPlayer.