From 1 February 2019 TalkTalk will be automatically charging its TV customers an extra £4 per month for a multi-room service, whether it’s used by them or not.

TalkTalk’s TV service comes free to its existing broadband customers, but there is an additional charge of £4 per month (or £48 per year) that allows you to watch TV in two different rooms at the same time. The charge will now automatically apply to TV only customers at the start of next month, the rise in fees coming from a change to tariff add-ons.

If multi-room isn’t something you have any use for then it is possible to opt-out of this service by using one of the methods below - thankfully, TalkTalk has made this process nice and simple.

How to opt-out of TalkTalk TV’s multi-room charge

There are two easy ways to opt out of the additional charge:

  • Head over to TalkTalk’s website, log into your account and access the support centre.
  • Call TalkTalk’s customer service department on 0345 172 0088

You won’t be breaking any contract obligations here, so you can re-join or cancel this service at any point without being charged or penalised – however, you won’t get access to ‘boosts’ which include certain Sky services such as Sports and Cinema if you do decide to opt out.

If you do wish to continue to pay for the multi-room feature, you will be able to claim a £5 film voucher from 1 February – just head to the ‘More TV’ section on your TV Box and clam the voucher there.

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