It may have been supplanted in the popular imagination by Bake Off, but for those who want cooking shows that extend beyond pastry, MasterChef is still the show to beat.

The long-running cooking content is back in 2019 for series 15 - not to mention all the usual Celebrity, Kids, and Professionals spin-offs - are here's what you need to know.

When is MasterChef back on?

The BBC hasn't announced a start date for series 15, but it's a safe bet that the show will arrive some time this spring. It traditionally kicks off in March, but last year's series began a little earlier - at the end of February - so we're hopeful that the same might happen this time around.

Who are the judges?

Once again John Torode and Gregg Wallace and the hosts and judges of the series. They'll no doubt be joined by a selection of former contestants and professional chefs and critics as the show goes on, but we don't know yet who to expect.

Who are the contestants?

None of the contestants have yet been announced for 2019, so stay tuned.

How to watch MasterChef from outside the UK

As per usual, MasterChef will be available through regular UK broadcast TV (however you get your TV), airing on BBC One.

If you want to watch from outside the UK then you'll need to use a VPN (virtual private network) like NordVPN so it appears your device is local if you want to watch along with the UK on the BBC iPlayer. For more details see our best VPNs article, or our specific guide to watching iPlayer from abroad.

How to apply for series 16

The MasterChef production company has a website where you can apply for upcoming series, though right it's not yet accepting applications for series 16 - you'll probably have to wait until this year's show begins airing before applications open up.

Watch the trailer

The BBC has released a short teaser trailer for the upcoming series which should give you a brief look at the new chefs - and some of their dishes - though there's still no official release date sadly: