Panasonic is at CES this year and will hold a 45-minute keynote at the start of the show held in Las Vegas. We expect it to unveil new TVs and possibly other new gadgets.

Typically Panasonic talks about future tech including smart homes, tech-equipped vehicles and more. We expect it will also reveal details on new cameras and other imaging devices.

What time is the Panasonic live stream?

Panasonic's CES event begins at 10am local time (PST) on Monday 8 January, which is 6pm in the UK and 1pm on the US East Coast. This makes it one of the more convenient keynotes to watch in the UK as it isn't in the middle of the night.

How can I watch the Panasonic live stream?

We have embeded the live stream of the keynote at the top of this page.

Also, read our CES 2018 guide to find out what to expect from every major company at the show, including Samsung, LG, and more. Sony's big press conference is also on 8 January.