Netflix has always allowed you to create user profiles, which is a boon not simply so you can stop your kids watching content aimed at adults. It also means that it keeps what you watch separate from what they watch, so Peppa Pig and PAW Patrol don't end up on your 'Continue watching' list.

But now Netflix is introducing a more granular way to control what your children are allowed to watch - yet another way to keep your kids safe when using online services.

By default, when you create a new user profile you can tick the 'Child?' box and then select whether the content available is suitable for 'Little children only' or 'Older children and younger'.

How to set up parental controls on Netflix

For teenagers, you don't tick the Child box, but instead use the 'Allowed TV programmes and fims' drop-down box and choose 'For teens and below'

How to set up parental controls on Netflix

How do I PIN protect content on Netflix?

Another thing Netflix offers, but which isn't obvious, is the ability to create a PIN and then select the level on content available on your account.

To do this, log into your account in a web browser, click the drop-down menu at the top right and select 'Account'.

How to set up parental controls on Netflix

Then, in the SETTINGS section, click Parental Controls. Type in your preferred PIN code and click Save. This enables the greyed-out slider where you can set which content can be watched without entering the PIN.

How to set up parental controls on Netflix

What's new is the ability to create a list of blocked TV shows or films that you don't want your kids watching. Netflix has introduced this because it says "We understand that every family is different and that parents have differing perspectives on what they feel is appropriate to watch at different ages. While we already provide PIN protection for all content at a particular maturity level for Netflix accounts, PIN protection for a specific series or film provides families with an additional tool to make decisions they are comfortable with."

So, simply start typing the name of the show or film you want to block and then click on it in the search results. You can build up a list of blocked shows this way, rather than relying on Netflix's own curation.

How to set up parental controls on Netflix

If you don't see the 'Restrict specific titles' section, it may be that it hasn't yet be rolled out to your account. But you can try to get it by clicking on 'Test Participation' which is below Parental Controls in the SETTINGS section.

Netflix says that it is rolling out the change globally "over the coming months".

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