In a similar way to Netflix, Sky has confirmed a multi-year deal which will see Disney Plus launch on Sky Q as well as Now TV. Here’s what we know so far about how to get it and how much it will cost.

It’s quite clear that the whole of the UK can’t wait for Disney+ to launch. The new streaming service will be integrated into the Sky Q interface but you won't be able to use it this way just yet.

How to get Disney Plus on Sky Q?

There won’t be much you need to do to get Disney+ on your Sky Q box as a software update will download and install the app for you.

It's available from launch and chances are, you're box has already done everything without you noticing. You can check for software updated in the System info section of the settings menu if needed.

How will Disney+ work on Sky Q?

Like Netflix, Disney+ won't be a regular app on Sky Q in the same way as other devices. However, things are a little complicated.

The Disney+ app is now available on Sky Q in the app section of the interface alongside Netflix, iPlayer, Spotify and others.

However, the fancy integration that will show Disney content on the Sky Q interface rails is coming by the end of April. It's worth noting that you miss out on features like 4K and HDR.

If you purchase directly from Disney you can log into the app on the Sky Q box (along with other devices). But once the full integration comes, you'll need to buy it via Sky for that feature to work.

"Customers who buy Disney+ through Sky will see Sky TV and Disney+ recommendations side-by-side in the TV guide," said the firm.

How much is Disney+ on Sky Q?

Disney Plus will cost £5.99 per month on Sky Q.

That's the same price as Disney is offering but going direct also gives you the chance to buy annually at £59.99. That saves you over £10 over 12 months.

For now you will just pay normally, and then customers who want to buy Disney+ from Sky can do so by the end of April.

This, combined with the Sky Q interface integration, means you might want to avoid getting Disney+ on an annual basis right now.

Note that Sky is increasing TV and broadband prices on 1 April.

When will Disney Plus be on Now TV?

Although the service will come to the Now TV streaming platform, Sky hasn’t said when, simply saying “in the coming months”.

So for a while it will just be on Sky Q and we’ll update you when we can.

It’s unclear whether Sky will be offering different passes for Disney+ on Now TV like it does with Sports and Entertainment etc or if you will simply be able to log in with an existing Disney account.

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