HBO Max is out now in The States, with shows and movies from the libraries of HBO, Warner Bros, Crunchyroll and a whole host more. 

Currently you can get HBO Max on a number of devices, including Android, iPhone, games consoles and even in the UK through using a VPN. This guide is specifically for those out there with a Roku streaming stick or Roku TV. We also have a similar guide for watching Disney Plus on Roku

If you’ve not yet got HBO Max, then you can sign up on the HBO Max website for $14.99 per month and get a seven-day free trial. Alternatively, take a look at how it compares to the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus in our roundup of the best TV streaming services.

Is HBO Max available on my Roku device?

Sadly, Roku is one of the few devices that HBO Max is not currently available on. That doesn’t however mean that it will never be available on Roku devices - HBO just didn’t manage to reach a deal with Roku before launching.

According to CNET, the executive vice president and general manager of WarnerMedia's direct-to-consumer products - Andy Forssell - says that apps for both Roku and Amazon Fire are ready to go on the development front. The companies just need to sort out a financial agreement first.

When we hear more news on this, we’ll update this article.

Other ways to watch HBO Max on the TV

If you still wish to watch HBO Max on your TV, then here’s a few options you can try out:

  • Link up your laptop/PC to your TV with a HDMI cable and watch HBO Max directly through the browser
  • Purchase a Chromecast and screen share to your TV using either the HBO Max app or website
  • If you have an Xbox One or PS4, link these up to your TV and download the game app of HBO Max
  • If you have a smart TV, check if the HBO Max app is available on there (its currently on Samsung TVs and Android TVs)
  • If you get your TV via Hulu or YouTube TV, you can add HBO Max as a channel