Netflix is available for any TV, no matter how old, and the best part is you can start streaming movies on-demand today - completely free.

Strictly speaking, Netflix is available at three price points: it starts at £5.99/$9 per month for the basic package that includes the ability to stream unlimited films on any device you like, but only one person can watch at a time and there's no HD content; to get Ultra-HD playback and the ability to stream on up to four devices there's the top-end Premium package at £11.99/$16; while the £8.99/$13 package offers a happy middle ground with HD streaming on up to two devices.

But there's a free option too: all customers who subscribe to Netflix get their first month free, and you can cancel at any time so you never need pay a penny.

All you need to supply is your email address, a password, and payment details. And once your free month is up, there is nothing to stop your partner signing up for another free month - just sign up again for another free month. It's naughty, but completely legal.

There is another way people are getting Netflix for free, and that is by sharing their account login with friends and family who do not belong to the same household. As long as you stick within the confines of however many people your package allows to watch at once, there is currently nothing in place to stop this working.

However, Netflix plans to crack down on this practice, with chief product officer Greg Peters promising to address the issue without alienating half the membership base. Exactly how it plans to achieve this remains to be seen.

Once you've tried Netflix, why not try a month's free Amazon Prime Video, or a one-week NowTV trial for even more free films. It makes sense to try all three before you make an eventual decision on which you decide to stick with (if any).

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