Disney+ is finally here (well, at least in some countries), the brand new streaming service from Disney that showcases all the classic animated films and superhero blockbusters, as well as brand new exclusives like The Mandalorian. 

You can sign up for the service now, and the pricing already undercuts other streaming rivals like Netflix and Amazon Prime by quite a lot, but believe it or not there are even more discounts available if you'd like to save some pennies. 

Read on to discover how to get your discount for Disney+. If you’re looking for another way to stream content on the cheap, then check out how to get Amazon Prime for free.

To see more about the latest news, programmes and UK release date (which has now moved by a week!), take a look at our Disney Plus news article.

Buy a Chromebook and get Disney+ free

Google is offering quite a sweet deal that is available until 29 February 2020. If you buy a new Chromebook between this period, you'll get three months of Disney+ for free. That's a big saving of $20.97. To get this offer you'll need to buy a Chromebook from any US retailer. We recommend checking out the following:

Once you've brought your chosen Chromebook (it will have to be a brand new Chromebook that you buy - refurbished and used will not be eligible for the offer), you'll need a US credit card to create a Google Play account and do the following:

  • Activate your new Chromebook and select the offer from the Google Chromebooks Offers Site to receive a promo code.
  • Download the Disney+ app from the Play Store on your Chromebook
  • Create a new Disney+ account 
  • Select your payment method for the auto-renewing subscription, click “Redeem Code,” and enter your promo code. Promotional offer code is one-time use only and is non-transferable

If you'd like to know more about this offer, then read Google's Disney+ terms and conditions.

Get free Disney+ with Verizon

The longest Disney+ offer we've seen so far is for a full free year of the service with one of Verizon's unlimited data plans in the US.

All new and existing customers on one of Verizon's unlimited 4G or 5G data plans can grab 12 months of Disney+ totally for free, as can any new customers on its Fios or 5G home internet plans - though existing customers on those two services aren't so lucky.

The lowest unlimited plans start from $45 per month, but get more expensive depending on the type of plan that you use. The Fios option offers internet for as low as $39.99 with Disney Plus included. The 5G home internet plan is only available in certain areas: see the website for the full list. 

To make things better, Verizon has confirmed that anyone that's pre-purchased Disney+ can still claim the offer - the pre-order subscription will essentially pause for 12 months and kick in once the Verizon offer ends.

The Disney Plus bundle

If the discounts above aren't feasible for you, then there is another option. Disney are actually offering a very reasonable bundle that not only gives you access to Disney+, but Hulu and ESPN+ as well for just $12.99 (around £10.70) per month.

To give you an idea of how much that saves you, we can take a look at how much each service costs alone. Disney+ is $6.99, ESPN+ is $4.99, and Hulu is $5.99 on its cheapest plan. That means at minimum this bundle would make a saving of $5 each month in comparison to having individual subscriptions.

In terms of content, Hulu streams shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock, whilst ESPN+ will get you on-demand service for lots of American sports, including MLB, NHL, NBA and MLS games, as well as college sports, PGA golf, Top Rank Boxing, and Grand Slam Tennis matches.

Please note that these deals are only applicable on the US version of Disney+ at the moment. However, if you use a VPN, like NordVPN, you may still be able to access these offers and sign up for a US subscription - providing you have access to a US bank account or credit card. VPNs bypass site’s geo-blockers, so you can browse a webpage as if you’re from another country. You can find out more in our article about streaming Disney+ from the UK

All you need to do is download you preferred VPN of choice, choose a US server, open a new browser and access the American site that you want. Once you've successfully created an account, you should be able to watch content on the site through a VPN. If you want to know more about using a VPN, then check out the best VPNs for Disney+