PowerPoint has a bit of a poor reputation - not because of the application itself, but mainly as we’ve all had to sit though boring presentations that went on and on forever.

However, PowerPoint is still the go-to application for showing off information to a large group of people. Naturally, many people see PowerPoint as a business tool, but it can be used for personal projects too – a family slideshow of your holiday pictures can be made much more fun and interesting with the judicious use of some PowerPoint transitions.

You can use it for pub quizzes and other fun stuff too, the downside is that PowerPoint can be a little out of a home user's price range, but there is an alternative and it’s completely free. Furthermore, unlike other free imitations this is the real thing – a version of PowerPoint that’s web based and available to anyone.

The browser-based PowerPoint Web App isn’t the full version, but it will allow you to make presentations that you can show off on the big screen quickly, easily and professionally. This version is also perfect for those times you’re out of the office and the boss informs you that you’ll need to make a presentation before the Managing Director in an hour. All you need is a SkyDrive account.

To get started on your PowerPoint presentations simply go to SkyDrive and when you’ve logged in click on Create in the toolbar and select PowerPoint presentation. Give your presentation a name and it will automatically be created and stored on your SkyDrive. Then you just get building your presentation as if you were using the desktop application. Pick a theme, add pages, images, text and transitions all in a browser with changes saved as you make them. If you want you can import the presentation into the full version of PowerPoint should you have a copy in the office or on another computer. Even though this is a web version of PowerPoint you’ll be amazed at the quality and complexity of the application and what can be achieved.

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