There’s no point having an all-singing all-dancing burglar alarm if when it goes off your neighbours simply ignore it hoping the annoying sound will be switched off soon.

Not too long ago a CCTV system for your house might have seemed incredibly extravagant. However, these days thanks to wireless networks and webcams it’s possible to have a sophisticated home security and monitoring system that will help to keep an eye on what’s going on inside your house even if you are thousands of miles away. Best of all it won’t cost too much money.

You’ll need a couple of things to set up your home security system, though thankfully these are really simple to install and use. Even better, once you’ve put everything in place the amount of maintenance you have to do to keep the system up and running will be minimal at worst. The best webcams are wireless as these can be placed anywhere in your home. Modern cameras also come with built-in LED lights for illuminating dark corners and some even have motors that allow you to move the camera around. Depending upon the feature set you can expect to pay anything from about £40 to over £200 for a Wi-Fi enabled camera. The more you pay the better quality the image you’ll get.

Each camera will come with its own software package and once you’ve powered up the camera all you have to do is install the software on your laptop to get started. Not all the webcams will be compatible with each other so it’ll be easier if you stick with one particular brand.

There are other fringe benefits to a home security system that allows you to monitor your house when you’re not there. For example, you can make sure that any pets are behaving or keep an eye on any teenagers who might be tempted to throw a party whilst you’re out of the house.

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