When a reader had a problem streaming video from Roxio Creator 2009 to his Archos TV+, our Helproom Expert was happy to help.

QUESTION Roxio Creator 2009 is unable to stream video to my Archos TV+. The Archos can see the video but can't play it, while photos display okay. I think the problem may lie with my wireless router – do I need to enter port information and, if so, what and where? I know other streaming options are available, but the problem with this program is irritating. Stephen Tame

HELPROOM ANSWER This problem may in fact be due to the Archos' incorrect configuration in Windows Media Player. The company's support site suggests that Windows Media Player 11.0 must detect the TV+ as a UPnP device, and you should see an icon with the TV+ label in the Sharing Parameters when you select Library, 'Share Multimedia Files'.

Check that you've properly set up your media player's sharing options and that any firewall software you use isn't preventing your PC from sharing multimedia content from Windows Media Player.

Another issue could be that you're missing the required video codecs. Some of these, such as H.264 and Mpeg4, must be purchased as separate plug-ins. Archos no longer seems to support the TV+ via its website; for support visit the Archos Fans forum instead. 

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