Xbox One

Does the screen judder when you watch TV via your Xbox One console? Here's a hack that will sort it out. See also: Xbox One review: the new Xbox game console is an exciting piece of technology.

There have been multiple reports of UK purchasers of Xbox One consoles noticing a visible judder when they are streaming UK TV via the new Xbox. The problem is simple, and likely to be fixed by Microsoft soon. In essence, the Xbox One outputs TV at 60Hz, and UK TV is always 50Hz.

As we say, we expect that Microsoft will solve this pretty soon, but in the mean time we have a simple hack that will solve the judder issue when you are watching TV, although it will require you to manually switch back to 60Hz if you want to enjoy hi-def games without a judder of their own.

Please note: this is a 100 percent unofficial fix.

How to stop display juddering when watching UK TV via Xbox One

Go to Display settings, and set your Xbox One console to auto-detect HDMI.

Toggle the resolution from 1080p to 720p, or 720p to 1080p, depending on which resolution you were already using.

You'll now see a prompt asking if the screen is displaying correctly, and if you want to keep the new resolution. You have 15 seconds to select 'No'.

The Xbox One now knows that the TV is not compatible with the 60Hz signal and will show TV in 50Hz output. See also: Xbox One vs PS4 games console comparison review.