Samsung took to the stage at CES 2018 and showcased a range of products due for release this year. We expected to see new smart home accessories, updates on Samsung’s smart home platform and maybe even a teaser of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

We got everything except the S9. The wait continues.

What did Samsung announce at its CES 2018 press conference?

We already knew Samsung was going to showcase its midrange Galaxy A8 smartphone having announced it in December. With the Galaxy S9 on hold till MWC or later, here's what else Sammy unveiled.

A wall-mountable soundbar

Thunderbolt 3 QLED Curved Monitor

The Wall, an insane 146in modular MicroLED TV

Interactive Digital Flip Chart

A new Family Hub Refrigerator

DRVLINE platform for autonomous vehicles

An autonomous driving partnership with HARMAN

As well as this, it presented at length about its vision for open IoT systems, and boasted 90% of its electronics are now IoT ready. Get ready for an overloaded Wi-Fi router.

There might be a few more things up the company's sleeve, but this looks to be it. The modular Wall TV aside, it's business as usual for Samsung at CES, a show that increasingly brings us useful but not incredibly exciting new tech.