Digital and Satellite TV means there's much more to watch on TV than when Brits just had access to the five (or in some cases four if you lived in an area where it was impossible to pick up channel five) terrestrial channels. And with the advent of Sky Plus, Freeview+ and other personal video recording (PVR) devices, you can set your favourite shows on digital TV channel to record, so you don't miss them even if they're being broadcast at a time that not convenient for you.

However, if you've not got access to a PVR, or want to watch the show in a room where you don't have access to the digital TV broadcast (but you do have a laptop, smartphone or tablet PC) what can you do? For terrestrial TV viewers there's the BBC's iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Demand 5, that allows web users to catch-up online.

But what about Sky? One of the most-common questions the PC Advisor team get asked is "Can I watch Sky on my PC?" Well the answer is yes, using Sky Go, which was previously known as Sky Player, and that applies to Brits that don't subscribe to the satellite TV service as well. There are over 30 channels that can be watched live on your PC using Sky Go along with thousands of hours of on-demand TV shows and movies from channels including Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Nickelodeon. Generally, users will have access to content from the same channels that are included in their package. There's no limit on the number of programmes you can watch, but it's worth checking what limits your ISP imposes, just so you don't exceed these by streaming content using SkyGo. Furthermore, Sky also recommends a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 2Mbps per device accessing the service concurrently.

How to watch Sky on your PC

Step one
If you're a Sky customer, you need to start by creating a Sky iD username and password on their dedicated webpage.

Step two
Now simply open your browser and visit the Sky Go website, enter your username and password and then start selecting from the content available.

Step three
If you're not already a Sky customer, you can purchase a Sky Go Monthly Ticket, which starts from £15 per month for the entertainment package and rises to £40 a month for the sports, movies and entertainment package. You'll get access to live broadcasts of the channels in the package you selected as well as access to movies and TV shows on demand and the Sky Go iPhone and iPad apps. Follow the on-screen instructions from Sky's website to create an ID and purchase the monthly ticket.

Step four
Apple iPad and Apple iPhone owners can also download a free app from the Apple App Store that will enable you to watch live broadcasts from the TV channels in the package you've subscribed to while you're on the go, along with Sky Sports1 and 2. Once you've downloaded the Sky Go app, you'll be required to enter your Sky ID and password. Then you can begin watching TV. It's worth noting Sky recommends a 3G connection of between 180 and 1400Kbps depending on the content and device.