Today Samsung will at CES 2016 hold a press conference during which it will announce new TVs, smart home gadgets and more - potentially even a new smartphone. Here's how to watch the Samsung CES 2016 press conference live, plus what to expect. Also see: What to expect from CES 2016.

Samsung CES 2016 press conference live stream: What, where, when?

Samsung's CES 2016 press conference will be held in Las Vegas on Tuesday 5 January (tomorrow) at 2:00-2:45pm local time - that's 10:00-10:45pm in the UK.

The conference will be held at the South Convention Center, Level 2, Ballroom E+F, but if you're not physically at CES 2016 you can also watch the Samsung press conference live on this very page.

You can watch Cnet's live coverage of the conference in the video above.


Samsung CES 2016 press conference live stream: What to expect from Samsung at CES 2016

According to Samsung, "Samsung Electronics has a strong history as a top presenter and industry leader at CES, and this year will be no different. With the most immersive, beautiful TVs, cutting-edge smart appliances and transformative innovations on display, Samsung is sure to make an impact once again."

The company has won 38 CES 2016 Innovation Awards spanning 18 product categories, from TVs and displays to smartphones, tablets, wearables and smart home appliances. Many of these devices will be on show at CES 2016, and the likes of the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy View monster Android tablet, Samsung Gear VR headset and Galaxy S6 Edge+ smartphone will certainly be present. The Samsung SmartThings Hub, Chef Collection series and memory storage will also form part of Samsung's exhibition.

But what new products will we see from Samsung during its CES 2016 press conference? We've heard whispers of a new smartphone, and we can tell you that it's not the Samsung Galaxy S7 (that phone will be announced in February 2016 according to a source close to Samsung). But we're still waiting (hoping) for a European release for the Galaxy Note 5, and it could be at CES 2016 that we get it. Also see: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review.

Something we can guarantee we'll see at CES 2016 from Samsung is new TVs - and the company has already announced that its entire 2016 line-up will be IoT-ready and connected with the SmartThings platform. A new security system called GAIA will protect them from malicious behaviour.

Samsung GAIA

On that matter, the Internet of Things will be a big thing for Samsung at the tech show, and on 7 January (9am local time/5pm UK time) the president of Samsung SDS, WP Hong, is presenting a separate conference called "In sync with real life". Samsung says it will focus on new developments in IoT and Samsung’s tangible solutions for providing a smarter, synchronised life, plus data security and mobile payments. Also see: How to make your home a smart home.

Samsung CES 2016 IoT keynote

On its Flickr feed Samsung has also shared photos of a new type of hybrid - the smartphone-cross-fridge. Yes, you read that correctly. As you'll see in the photo below this is a fridge with what looks like a huge smartphone on the front. Expect to see more smart home appliances too.

Samsung phone fridge

Yesterday Samsung confirmed it would announce new audio products, including the HW-K950 Soundbar that builds in Dolby Atmos technology for 3D moving audio.

Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar

Samsung will also be demonstrating three C-Lab (Creative Lab) projects at the tech show, showcasing the WELT smart wearable healthcare band, the rink hand-motion controller for VR devices, and TipTalk, which is shaped like a wrist strap and can be added to wearable devices to allow you to listen to audio from them simply by touching your finger to your ear.


Samsung CES 2016 Welt


Samsung CES 2016 Rink


Samsung CES 2016 TipTalk

Samsung CES 2016 poll: What do you want to see from Samsung?

For more of an idea of what to expect from Samsung at CES 2016, you can see what it presented us with at CES 2015 below.

CES 2015: Samsung Exhibition Walkthrough video

CES 2015: Samsung Exhibition IoT Walkthrough video

Samsung CES 2015 press conference video stream

CES 2015 opening keynote video by BK Yoon

As soon as the video stream of Samsung's CES 2016 presentation is available we will add it to the top of this page.

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