You can now change the voice of Google Assistant, and it's an easy task in the Google Home app. 

Sadly the functionality is not yet available in the UK, though we suspect the fact we can see it in the app suggests it will be added imminently.

Launch the Google Home app and tap the Account icon at the bottom right. Choose Settings, then select the Assistant tab.

The second option here is Assistant voice, but let us also draw your attention to the option above this: Languages. If you are bilingual and want to be able to speak to Google Assistant in a language other than English you can simply add it here.

Google Assistant Voice Settings

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Anyway, back on point: tap Assistant voice and you'll see a selection of voices available, all distinguished by a different colour.

As we mentioned in the UK where this feature is not yet available all the voices are the same, but we presume elsewhere different voices and accents are offered by the different coloured options.

Change Google Assistant Voice

Simply select one to change the voice, then exit the Google Home app.

As an aside, when we first set up our UK Google Home Hub we heard a US English accent. There was no way to change this in the settings, but a factory reset solved the issue.

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