Everyone should have his or her fifteen minutes of fame and nowadays it’s easier than ever. There’s no need for a fancy studio or expensive lighting and audio equipment either, it’s possible to become an internet sensation using just your laptop or tablet.

A personal video log or vlog is not unlike a blog only instead of typing your ideas out you speak them to the camera. It might sound a bit strange, but there are quite a few really, really popular vloggers out there who actually make a living from their videos.

The best thing about vlogging is that nobody really expects professional level production values so you can just sit in front of the camera and talk. Naturally if you edit any rambling or gaps out it’ll help to make your show more watchable, but really you don’t have to put loads of effort in.

The camera will manage the focusing of course, but you can help to make the quality better by ensuring you’re well lit and that any background noise is kept low. A modern laptop will manage even in some pretty challenging circumstances however. It’s up to you if you use a script or not, but you might find it more natural to have just a list of bullet points to keep you on track.

It’s incredibly easy to get started, simply find somewhere quiet open up your laptop and its webcam software and start recording. There are loads of places you can upload your video: YouTube, Vimeo or even your own site if you have one. Remember that video files can get pretty big quickly especially if you’re filming in HD. The best vlogs often have a theme or style that helps them to stand out from the crowd so think about what it is you want to speak about before simply diving in.

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