QUESTION When I turn on my Windows 7 64bit computer, the monitor’s display often shifts about an inch to the left, leaving a gap down the righthand side. The manufacturer suggested downloading and installing the latest drivers for my ATI Radeon HD 4600 graphics card, but this hasn’t fixed the problem. The only solution appears to be to keep restarting the machine until the problem disappears. Can you help me find a permanent workaround? George Mackison

HELPROOM ANSWER The first step is to check you’re using a DVI or HDMI connection to attach your monitor to the PC, George. Also note that if you’re using an older monitor, your graphics card may be having trouble detecting it correctly. If it’s a CRT display, the issues you’re experiencing may indicate that it’s failing and should be replaced. Here are some steps that may help solve the problem:

Check that your Windows Display settings are at the monitor’s optimal rate of [email protected] Check your monitor manual or support site for these settings.

The ATI Catalyst Control Center lets you reposition the display via the drivers. Use this to move what’s onscreen into the correct position.

The ATI drivers will then remember this as the correct display location. In your monitor’s Settings menu, look for an ‘auto detect’ or ‘recalibration’ function – there may be a button on the display, or it may be listed in the onscreen menu.

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