One of the key functions of the PC Advisor website is to help technology users. We offer free tech support in the Helproom Forum, and hundreds of technology tutorials both big and small. Search around on PC Advisor and you'll find advice on everything from ultra-techie niche problems, through simple home entertainment setup to tips on keeping your PC in tip-top condition.  

Here are the 10 most-read technology tutorials on PC Advisor in 2010.

Number 10: The 25 worst bad habits with technology and how to fix them

We start with some general advice on erradicating those nasty, niggly habits that can devalue your technological life.

We've all got bad habits when it comes to technology, whether it's relying on 'password' as your password or shutting down via the power button and not the Windows Start Menu.

However, there are some tech bad habits that will cause permanent damage. We've rounded up the 25 worst tech habits that are guaranteed to cause you all sorts of hassles.

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Number 9: How to print on a budget

As a recent TV advert graphically implies, the cost of a printer doesn't stop when you leave the store. In fact, select the wrong model of printer and you could end up paying through the nose for years.

Over time, buying the ink or toner and acquiring media (paper, envelopes, transparencies) will very likely make a far bigger impact on your wallet than the initial cost of purchase. These costs will vary depending on what you print, how much you print, and what kind of media you use.

Fortunately, PC Advisor is at hand to help you save money, every time you print.

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Number 8: How to get 100Mb broadband

If printing is a big deal to PC Advisor readers, broadband is in a different league. Faster, more stable and less expensive internet connectivity is something of a Holy Grail for PCA readers and editors alike, and our recent expose on how to negotiate Broadband Britain proved popular.

Superfast broadband is nearly here, but will it be available to everyone, and will subscription costs create a nation of web haves and have-nots? This How to has all the answers.

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Number 7: How to downgrade from Vista to XP

Why would you want to? Where should I begin...

During most of its lifetime as Microsoft's flagship PC operating system Windows XP was an object of respect rather than admiration. But the premature and painful birth of Windows Vista, combined with some over ambitious system requirements, made XP seem like the fruits of a golden age to some PC users wrestling with unresponsive and buggy Vista systems. Unfortunately, commercial imperatives mean that Microsoft was unlikely to make it easy to make the switch 'down' to XP. So we did.

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Number 6: How to create an iPhone app

Smartphones and Tablet PCs are the technology form factors of the year, and in a Web 2.0 world we all want to contribute as well consume from our handheld devices. Creating an app for Apple iPhone and Apple iPad is a lot more straightforward than you might imagine - we did it, and with this simple and popular walk-through, you can too.

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