Recent motherboards include a feature that allows USB devices to turn on your PC. But what if this feature is enabled, and you don't want your PC or laptop to turn on every time you nudge the mouse? Our Helproom Expert explains.

QUESTION I built my own PC inside a barebones chassis, then installed Windows 7. After shutting down, any movement of the wireless mouse starts up the machine. How can I prevent it being used as a remote control? AroundAgain

HELPROOM ANSWER Many recent motherboards include a feature that allows USB devices to turn on your PC. Fortunately, you can turn off this function. Head to the Control Panel, Device Manager and expand the ‘Mice and other pointing devices' section.

Find and right-click your mouse, then select the Power Management tab. Clear the box next to ‘Allow this device to wake up the computer'. If your mouse still wakes up the PC, you may need to change a similar setting in the system Bios. Restart the PC and enter the Bios. You are usually instructed on how to do so with a splashscreen; otherwise, try pressing F2 or Del before the Windows login appears.

Inside the Bios, look for a Power Management setting, and then for a sub-menu called ‘Wake up Event Setup' or something similar. This should display a list of devices that can be configured to wake up the PC. You may also find an option to specify whether such settings are managed by the Bios or the OS.

Look for an entry marked USB Devices and make sure the option is disabled. Now save your Bios settings and restart the PC.

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