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  • Microsoft Build 2017: Live Video Stream

    build 2017

    Click here to watch the Microsoft Build 2017 live stream

    11 May 2017

  • How to use Facebook Reactions

    facebook reactions 800

    Facebook has rolled out its Reactions Like-button extensions. Here's how to get Facebook Reactions and how to use them

    24 Mar 2017

  • How to change your name on Twitter

    Mobile lifestyle 26

    A step-by-step guide to changing your name on Twitter

    22 Mar 2017

  • How to install free antivirus on your new phone, tablet or PC

    security 800

    Got a new phone, tablet, PC or laptop? Install some free antivirus software or you'll spend the Christmas break clearing up your mess

    07 Dec 2016

  • Use WinX to convert DVD and video files to MP4 without losing quality

    winx teaser image 1

    MP4 is fast-becoming the universal video standard, and WinX offers one of the best video to MP4 converters. We explain how to convert your video and DVD files to MP4 for free and without losing quality.

    21 Nov 2016

  • How to take screenshots in games

    how to take screenshots in games

    There are various tools available to you to capture in-game moment, here we show you the best ways to take screenshots in games

    07 Sep 2016

  • How to factory reset Windows 10

    how to factory reset windows 10 settings

    Performing a reset allows you to solve Windows system problems and removes OEM bloatware from your PC.

    21 Jun 2016

  • How to build a PC or VR PC

    how to build a pc 16

    The best Windows PC is the one you design yourself. Here's our complete guide on how to build a PC

    24 May 2016

  • How to get The Beast or Encore on Kodi

    tablet generic4

    The best Kodi builds package up the best Kodi add-ons for easier installation and use. Here's how to install The Beast on Kodi

    18 May 2016

  • How to use WhatsApp on any Windows PC or laptop

    how to use whatapp on windows

    There's finally a desktop app for WhatsApp

    11 May 2016

  • Guide to BSOD codes

    guide to bsod codes blue screen of death

    If you've ever experienced a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) you'll want to solve your problem.

    21 Apr 2016

  • How to set up a new PC

    How to PC cables main

    How to connect the cables on a desktop computer

    05 Apr 2016

  • How to make media recovery for Windows 10

    how to make media recovery for windows 10 recovery

    Creating a recovery drive and disc couldn't be simpler with Microsoft's integrated tools. Save yourself from a headache and backup

    04 Apr 2016

  • How to fix driver issues in Windows 10 & Windows 8

    how to fix driver issues in windows 10 amp windows 8 nvidia drivers

    If you've already upgraded to Windows 10 you may find some of your drivers aren't working properly. Here's how to fix driver issues in Windows 10.

    21 Mar 2016

  • How to apply thermal paste to a CPU

    applying thermal paste 1

    Good thermal paste application can help bring down the CPU temperature. Here's how to properly apply thermal paste

    03 Mar 2016

  • How to overclock your monitor

    how to overclock your monitor ufo test

    Why would you want to overclock your monitor? In this guide, we will explain how and why

    26 Feb 2016

  • How to move your files from to another cloud service

    how to move from copy header

    With the announced closing of Copy, we show you how to quickly move your files to another service.

    10 Feb 2016

  • How to block Be Like Bill

    kill bill

    Be Like Bill, or don't - we show you how to make a Be Like Bill Facebook post or how to kill Bill once and for all

    25 Jan 2016

  • How to view all films on Netflix: Make Netflix easier to browse

    Mobile lifestyle 51

    Why is Netflix so difficult to browse? For those who need a list of everything available, help is at hand

    14 Jan 2016

  • How to get Office 2016 for £9.95

    ms office 800

    You might be eligible to get Office 2016 for £9.95

    06 Nov 2015

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